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If you’re the mom, wife, entrepreneur, caregiver…
who puts everyone before yourself...

...waking up in the morning dreading getting out of bed, getting through the day just ONE minute at a time, thinking “when will the day be over”...exhausted,’ve got nothing left...struggling to get through the day?

THEN YOU NEED TO JOIN me & 35 world-renowned experts as we reveal GUIDED, SIMPLE, STEP-BY-STEP STRATEGIES you can put into action RIGHT NOW, to break up with your exhaustion, for good!

Here’s the GREAT NEWS:

You are about to discover the most effective secrets to “break-up” with feeling that way for good. There are 7 key areas you must focus on... we call them the “7 Pillars”.

You will find out the essential steps to take in
each of the pillars from 35 of today’s top experts in this LIFE CHANGING online masterclass...

Delivered in a specific order & topic... so you can take what you learn & put it into action...immediately!
Feeling 'out of gas' often or all the time is NOT a normal state. The good news is, there is a LOT you can do about it -- by yourself, no doctors needed -- to make fast and lasting changes. In this must-see masterclass, you're about to discover the most effective of those steps. And by the way, Andrea Duchonovic is the perfect host -- deeply knowledgeable herself, knows how to make important concepts clear, and even makes it FUN!
Founder of The Art of Anti-Aging
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Have you heard this from your doctor before?...

“Good news, your tests are completely normal!”

But I don’t feel normal. I’m exhausted. And now I know my doctor has no idea how to help me... 

...and may not believe that anything is even wrong.

This is my journey, going from exhausted and fed-up,
to finding real answers… & reclaiming my energy for good.

And I cannot wait to share it with you!

Your exhaustion isn't normal. You were born to feel incredible. As women, we’re constantly being asked to do and be it all, every day. These pillars and strategies are what got MY life & energy back. I am so excited to share them with you.

Women are powerhouses. We often juggle careers, relationships, families and friendships with incredible depth and connection… that is, until exhaustion (mental, physical, and emotional) took over. That superwoman is still inside of you. Let's WAKE HER UP...

Did you know that fatigue or exhaustion affects nearly 1 of 2 people? Yup, you! Hey there. ;) Lets address that stolen energy & get your spark back. It’s supposed to be more fun than this.

What do I actually do? They all say stress less, move more, think happy thoughts, don't eat junk, start fasting… BUT HOW? Why? When? You’re in the right place, we have the answers!

You need a plan, you need something that works. How about the tried & tested research and programs from some of the world’s top experts? Well, you’ve got that right here! These experts & topics were hand-picked by me, as someone who personally struggled for years with my energy levels, to give you the SOLUTIONS you deserve.

Spending hours each day scrolling through countless searches seeking answers is making you even more exhausted. Stop using your precious free time on iffy information and get help from people who have spent years researching and developing solutions. The search is over… and I’ll be there with you every step of the way.

This is obvious, SIGN ME UP!
From Busy Women just like you...
Tania C.
Long Island, NY
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"Being a mom of 3 (with a newborn), a wife, and running business with over 30 employees... it's safe to say I constantly felt exhausted, overwhelmed and never put myself first.  Learning about these 7 pillars helped me understand the most important fundamental steps I need to take in order to not only get out of my exhaustion cycle, but to be able to make time for me... which ultimately leads to a happier family. I am so grateful for this applicable information Andrea, and my kids & husband said thank you as well! ;)"

Lila E.
San Diego, CA
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"Hitting my late 30's, long hours and going back to school drained me. I was exhausted. These 7 pillars of health are so actionable. Even by implementing just one, I feel so much better. It's a journey and a lifestyle and I feel so grateful to have Andrea in my corner to explain where I need to put my energy & money in order to get the results that I want... wether it's to beat exhaustion, lose some stubborn fat, work on my mindset or anything else health related!" 

Natalia D.
Staten Island, NY
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"I thought I was ok, until one day, a serious diagnosis came. I knew I needed to act FAST. Andrea was there every step of the way, teaching me all about these 7 pillars. She saved me so much time, energy and money that I would have wasted researching top experts, quality supplements or non-toxic products. Whether you are exhausted, or you are dealing with other health struggles, implementing ANY of these pillars (hopefully all of them) will for sure change your health, and your life!"

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Dr. Mindy Pelz

Fasting & Detox Expert

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The science and breakdown of what is happening to our bodies during the different hours of fasting. From 13 hours to 72 hours and beyond, we talk through what the science is showing us is happening. Makes it a no brainer to figure out which fast is best suited for you!

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How to finally stop guessing what to buy when you enter the supermarket. This guide is made to take out the guesswork and give you peace of mind that what you are buying for you household or your skin is healthy & safe for you and your family.  Simple exchanges you can make one step at a time to get the health that you deserve!

 Toolkit by Jodi Cohen

Essential Oils Expert & Author

BONUS #3: How to Turn Your STRESS Switch OFF, So You Can HEAL & Beat Exhaustion

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The importance of being in a parasympathetic state, what it is and how the vagus nerve triggers it. Checklists, videos and your 13 page e-book guide to get yourself in the parasympathetic state!

(Hint: This has A LOT to do with your exhaustion levels!)

Jenna Bayne

Life Support for Busy Parents, Neuroscientist

BONUS #4 (Interview): Quick Strategies To Break Through The Guilt of Putting Yourself First

Value: Priceless

In this Exclusive Masterclass Interview You Will Find Answers to:

Feeling stuck? Signs of exhaustion? Constantly breaking down? Jenna helps you break through the guilt of taking care of yourself first and what to do when you feel like you are losing control. 

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Brian Vaszily

Founder of The Art of Anti-Aging & Purity Woods

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What the Experts are saying... 
Dr. Tom O'Bryan
Author & Gluten Expert
Founder of 

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"This masterclass is your roadmap. It has so much of the basic information that you need... organized &  segmented information in order to be successful and change the direction in which your health is going.”

Dr. Mindy Pelz
Detox & Fasting Expert,
Founder of Reset Academy
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“In today’s world of mass information, Andrea is a gift to the woman seeking to find clarity and a starting point in their health journey. Not only does she have a huge heart for helping women, her seven pillars of health are brilliant!  I wish I had had them to follow when I was in my own health crisis. Thank you Andrea for giving women a proven, well researched, organized path! You are a true blessing to the women’s wellness world.”

Dr. Dan Pompa
Toxicity & Detox Expert,
Founder of
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"Andrea is fast becoming one of the most connected influencers in the natural wellness space. Her determination to change women's live's is contagious and she is a true story of someone who "lives it to lead it"

Below are the 7 Pillars (Key Areas)
You Will Learn About in This Masterclass...
& Actionable Steps to Beat Exhaustion...
For Good!
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Pillar #1: Mindset, Daily Routines, & Emotional Healing

Upgrading Your Mind & Life by Implementing Daily Habits

Beating Emotional Toxicity by Addressing Your Vagus Nerve

Being Your Own Advocate & Ending the "Super-Woman" Burnout

Overcoming Mental Exhaustion with Meditation

Living Your Life's Purpose 

Pillar #2: Hormones & Stress

The Low-Down on Hormones: What You Need to Know

Addressing the Constant Stress Caused by Putting Everyone Else Before Yourself

Hormonal Imbalances Causing Fatigue & Steps to Reducing Your Stress Levels

Combating Pain and Stress Levels to Reduce Exhaustion

Stress & its Effects on Hearth Health: 3 Common Killers

Pillar #3: Toxicity & Detox

The Low-Down on Toxicity & Detox: What You Need to Know

How to Have a Toxin-Free Home (And Why You Need It!)

Beauty Industry Lies: How Toxic Skincare is Making Us Fatigued & What To Do About It

The 5 R's of Detox: How to Detox Properly to Overcome Fatigue & Live Vibrantly

The Lymphatic System: What it IS & How to Properly "Keep it Moving" for the Ultimate Body Detox

Pillar #4: Food Quality & Lifestyle "Diet" Types

Food Quality: Why You Need to be Eating Real Food and the lowdown on Superfoods for Fatigue

Food Quality: Animal Products, Unethical Practices & the Trick To Reading Labels

Keto: What it is and How to Start

Paleo: What it is and How to Start

Diet Variation: What it is and How to Start

Pillar #5: Fasting

What Happens During Fasting: The Benefits Hour By Hour

How to Start Fasting and Overcoming Obstacles

Fasting for Autoimmune Issues, Pain & Inflammation

Fasting Strategies for Women Around Your Cycle, Stress Levels, & Sleep

You Have Options! Taking
You Through the Different
Ways You Can Fast

Pillar #6: Gut Health

Gut Health: What You Need to Know

Addressing Leaky Gut & Food Sensitivities to Overcome Exhaustion

How and Why to Overcome SIBO & IBS, Testing, & Immediate Strategies

The Gut-Brain Connection & the Dangers of Wheat

Digestion: How it Works and the Importance of Optimal Digestive Health

Pillar #7: Movement & Sleep

Prioritizing Movement to Get Your Energy Back

Non-negotiable Fitness Habits & Movement Tips to Get You Started NOW

How To Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep, & Wake Up Refreshed

The True Importance of Sleep & Your Circadian Rhythm

Addressing the Three Buckets of Sleep to Dominate Your Life

Join Me & These Powerful Experts to Learn About
Strategies for Unlocking your
Deeper Energy in a Busy World.

Strategies to recharge your mental & physical energy, even when you don’t have more time to relax.

We know you’re tired of telling your kids (or your spouse) that you’re too tired. Stop living on the sidelines while your kids run around wanting you to play…

Say goodbye to the dread of hearing you alarm clock go off, and still feeling exhausted…
dreading your mornings…

You deserve to be fully alive, ready for whatever your day brings, and feeling GOOD as you dive into it!

Sign up for your FREE pass now, and get ready to reclaim your energy!

Your Host 
& Your Personal Wellness Connector

Hi! :) I’m Andrea, your “Personal Wellness Connector.” I am a certified toxicity & detox specialist and a certified health coach with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. After my own struggles with undiagnosed health issues, I became passionate about inspiring people, connecting them to bad-ass experts & resources so they can experience healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives… without spending all their free time trying to research solutions.  I have worked with some of the most inspiring, sought-out health & wellness experts. I’ve traveled extensively to wellness conferences around the globe so I can continually educate myself & connect with leaders in the industry. Instead of spending hours and hours trying to figure out who can actually help, you can use me as your go-to Personal Wellness Connector to get you right to the top experts in whatever you need.

I’ve spoken with so many women like yourself that are overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated as they wade through endless amounts of information online, trying to get clear on what’s actually going to help them. This is where Wellness Clarity was born...  a place where you can go and explore carefully curated, trusted resources while gaining clarity on different topics in the wellness world. 

My heartfelt mission is all about working with like-minded practitioners and health influencers from around the world, so together we can clarify, empower, and change your health and life. Because after all, the path to wellness starts with clarity! 

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